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Advertising sections include:

Gay Escorts ~ Boy Toys ~ Models ~ Rentboys

Companions ~ Lovers ~ Significant Others

Male Escorts ~ Boyfriends ~ Pegboys

Dating ~ Mating ~ Raucous Sex


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Looking for some fun with a boy?

You have found the right place!

Here you can find a Partyboy to, well, party with!

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All kinds of Partyboys for all kinds of parties

What kind of party? You decide!

Quickie afternoon parties ~ All night long parties

Parties around town ~ Parties around the world

Every kind of party

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Parties at your place ~ Parties at his place

Parties here, there, and everywhere

Partyboys for boys ~ Partyboys for girls

Partyboys for one ~ Partyboys for everyone

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Whether you’ve got a few kisses,
dozens of roses, or thousands of dollars,
there is a Partyboy waiting for you right now!

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Nothing Censored ~ Complete Website Coming Soon

(To be very clear, all “boys” herein referenced are at least 18 years old or have reached a majority in their jurisdiction)

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The Partyboy List

For advance info and a free listing offer, contact:

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